Steve Jobs and ADHD: “Think Different”

October 10, 2011Leave a reply

It can be very difficult for someone with ADHD to fit into the mold of the majority. Do they have to?

There is more and more literature on the riseSteve Jobs that speaks of ADHD as a gift rather than a disease. In a blog by Bryan Hutchinson in ADDerworld, it is pointed out that Steve Jobs possibly exhibited some ADHD like traits. How fitting that the slogan most commonly associated with Apple is “Think Different.”

People with ADHD think differently than the majority. It isn’t that their thinking is wrong; it is just difficult for them to fit into the standards of the world’s majority. Many times this difficulty can result in poor decision making due to impulsivity and job losses due to a lack of follow through with tasks. These examples are when help is needed.

Other times, the think different can lead to creativity beyond the imagination. Steve Jobs may have been one of these think different minds that led to some of the most innovative inventions of our time.

ADHD doesn’t have to be a curse, with the right treatment, people with ADHD can lead positive, happy lives and maybe even change the world.

Thank you Steve Jobs.